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No matter what the industry, more professional relationships mean more business — and the biggest boost to a business comes from trusted acquaintances that know your work and advocate for you.

Refer Iconsulthotels

It doesn’t matter if you are buying a car or just a sandwich. You only want to do business with someone you trust.

The old adage that PR is like dating still holds true. Don’t tell girls how great you are, have others tell girls how great you are.

Iconsulthotels is a member of ReferralKey and we offer rewards to people who send us successful referrals. Incentives range from shopping vouchers to USD $1,000 cash rewards depending on the value of the referred business.

For more details, drop us a line or visit the Iconsulthotels ReferralKey profile.

Occasionally, Iconsulthotels receives referrals from friends or industry contacts, who prefer to donate their referral commissions to charity rather than having them paid out in cash or vouchers.

Our charity partners of choice are Kiva – Loans that change lives and Hospitality Action, but we’re also happy to forward referral payments to other charities and causes, so long as they broadly align with our values.