“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

(Scott Adams)

In today’s world the sheer velocity and volatility of change and the volume of information organisations and individuals have to deal with on a daily basis mean that we will all fail at times. Iconsulthotel’s role is to show you how to start using not only your successes, but also your failures to recognize and act on opportunities.

Iconsulthotels ServicesSMEs/SMBs hire us to provide creative, out-of-the-box and value-for-money communication and PR solutions, or to assist them in dealing with data/information overload and to understand the importance of thinking holistically, i.e. how to integrate different communication solutions into ideas (PR, CRM, marketing, social media, business networks) and to look beyond the problem of big numbers – just because you have a lot of connections, guests, or website visitors, and you gather a lot of information about them, does not mean you are making as much money as you should.

Hospitality & service professionals call us to make them more innovative, or to polish and sharpen their image and to help them communicate better with their colleagues and guests.

We look at you or your business closely and analyze the way you communicate and deal with information. We’ll find out what makes you tick, what makes the people around you tick, and what it takes to make your customers, guests, and clients tick even more.

We create strategies and policies; we train; we copy-write; we listen. We organise things, solve problems, and give advice. We work on your or your organisation’s image; we fix perceptions (yours’, your employees’, your guests’/customers’); we bring people and projects together.

Iconsulthotels specialises in helping companies engage their guests & clients online, public relations (on- & off-line), revenue optimization (GDS/OTA), social media & online communications, and online reputation management. We can also assist you with interim management, sales representation, personal branding, and tailor-made training programs & workshops. You can hire Martin Kubler as a keynote speaker or MC, too. Often, we also get called in simply because we’re very creative.