Online Engagement

Iconsulthotels’ online engagement isn’t about “numbers” on your company’s social media platforms – it’s about guest & customer satisfaction, loyalty, and strengthening the emotional ties between your guests/customers and your company/brand.

Online Engagement by Iconsulthotels

Customers who feel emotionally connected with your company are more likely to leave satisfied, more apt to turn into loyal clients, and also more likely to become valuable online (and offline) ambassadors for your company.

Online engagement should be a key part of your digital marketing strategy! A fully engaged customer recommends a company/brand nearly 4 times more often than does a customer who is sitting ‘on-the-fence’. By contrast, an actively disengaged customer will tell, on average,  3 people to avoid a company and its services.

13% of fully engaged guests or customers post to a blog or website about their positive experiences. A disengaged customer is 4 times more likely than a neutral customer to post to a blog or website about their poor customer experience.

Iconsulthotels can help you to consistently deliver (if not exceed!) your company’s brand promise at each and every online touch point – before, during, and after a guest’s stay in your property or a customer’s visit to your store!

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