Social Media & Online Communications

Welcome to the age of social media! Social media isn’t about the media, it’s about being social and engaging. It’s also about listening and responding appropriately. It’s not just blasting off about your hotel’s latest special offers or your restaurant’s current dining deals!

Social media isn’t just PR, marketing, or sales – it’s much, much more: It’s a fundamental change in the way companies & brands communicate with consumers, guests, clients, suppliers, and employees.Social Media & Online Communications by Iconsulthotels

Iconsulthotels is THE one-stop shop for all your social media and online communication needs:

  • Social media friendly sales & marketing strategies
  • Conceptualisation and design of your company’s social media presence
  • Implementation guidelines, social media policies, SOPs
  • Social media monitoring & management, online community management
  • In-depth social media reporting
  • Digital planning
  • Business blogging, blog design & optimization
  • Online marketing & advertising campaigns, PPC, SEO
  • Connecting and liaising with digital influencers in your target markets
  • Social & digital media goal setting, social media ROI strategies
  • Online “health checks”, reviews of your company’s social/digital media presence & performance
  • Online competitive analyses
  • Integration of your social & digital media efforts into your company’s day-to-day operations
  • Social & digital media strategies for hotels and other hospitality, leisure, tourism, and service industries companies
  • Social mystery guest audits

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out in social & digital media or whether you’re looking for new ways to make an impact online – contact us today and let’s get social!